Here are the most frequently asked questions we get.


Here you will find questions and answers about Tiptapp. If you cannot find an answer to the question you have in mind, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@tiptapp.com.

We release new versions of the app as often as we can so that you should get access to new exciting features and an improved experience of Tiptapp. Make sure that you always have the latest version of our app so you do not miss anything new or important.

How do I sign up for an account?

The first time you launch the app you will get the opportunity to sign up. It is done simply by entering your name and mobile phone number. In the following step you will get an SMS with a 4-digit pin code that you enter in the app. That’s it! Should you choose to sign up later, just go to “Create account” in the menu in the top left corner. Alternatively, you will be asked to sign up in the last step of creating and publishing an ad or if you send a request to do a pick-up.

Does it cost anything to use Tiptapp?

Tiptapp is free to download and you can publish ads for free, no hidden costs. If you publish an ad to get rid of something and offer a reward for it, you pay only that reward that you yourself set in the ad. A payment for that reward is sent only after you have confirmed that you got all the help you advertised for.

What does it mean to “tap away things”?

To “tap away” something means you pay someone to come and pick up and take away something you want to get rid of but do not have the time or capability to deal with yourself. Typically this can be things that needs to be sorted and recycled at a recycling centre.

You can also decide to tiptapp away things that still has a second hand value but you need to get rid of quickly.

How do I put in an ad that “tap away” something?

Simply click the “+”-sign in bottom right corner and choose the type of ad you want to publish. Then follow the steps to create an ad (free of charge). If you have not yet signed up and registered a payment method you will be asked to do so in the last step before publishing.

Will my name, address and contact information be visible to anyone when I publish my ad?

Not at all - rest assure. When you publish an ad only you first name and the city/area are visible to others, and you contact information is not accessible. Only the user that you choose to come and pick up will get access to your full information and the exact location. And only they can contact you through the app.

I have published an ad to “tap away” something - now what?

You will now get requests from other users willing and able to help you and come and pick up your things. You will get a number of alternative time slots for when they can come by. You choose whomever like based on their rating and previous number of pick-ups and a time slot that suits you. In most cases you our users can leave things being pick up out at a specified location so they do not need to be at home when the pick-up is taking place.

When a pickup is complete you will get a notification in the app so you can confirm and send the payment to the other user. If you are not at home you will be able to do this later when possible. As a last step you will be able to rate the other user and he or she will also get to rate you as an advertiser.

Is there anything particular that I need to be aware of when I publish my ad?

Please make sure that the images you use clearly show what needs to be picked up. You can add up to four images per ad. The better you describe what you need to get rid of and how the pick-up must be done the smoother things will go. When you create your ad you will be able to specify the exact location (placement) at the address. Please make sure that whatever is being picked up is already in this place when the agreed pick-up is supposed to take place. If the pick-up is in an apartment building, you can also specify door code and floor level and if there is an elevator that can be used. The door code will only be visible to the user you choose to come and do the pick-up.

In the field Other Information make sure to add any important information such as measures of and number of items to be picked up, and if there are any specific instructions that the user need to be aware of when arriving to pick up.

Please also observe that you as advertiser need to make sure that there are no lethal or toxic materials that in any way may harm the user picking up. You will need to confirm this in a checkbox at the last step before publishing the ad.

I have already published an ad but want to add more things to the pick-up. What can I do?

If you have already received requests from other users you are not allowed to add anything to the pick-up. Instead, please create another ad and also add a reasonable amount as reward. Then make sure to select the same user for both ads (if necessary you can reach the person picking up through their profile page).

If you have not yet received any requests from others users you can add or change images in the ad,  change title and description, and set a new reward to reflect the newly added things.

How do I pay for a pick-up?

When you select a user to help you, your credit card is pre-authorized for the amount that you decide to offer as a pay for the pick-up. When you are happy with the help you got you confirm in the app and the amount is then paid out to the other user. You should not pay with cash or by any other means. And this also means that you do not have to meet with the person helping you. You will not need to enter your payment information more than once.

Where is my payment information such as credit card number being stored?

Tiptapp do not store any of your sensitive payment information. All payment information is stored securely and encrypted with Tiptapp’s payment partner Stripe, Stripe. Stripe is PCI certified, which means that they are complying with a standardized process for all companies collecting and storing such sensitive information. Visa, Mastercard and American Express all support this standardized process.

I would like to pick-up something being advertised. What do I do?

All you need to do is press “Pick up” in the ad of interest and then select one or more time slots in the coming 24 hours when you can come and pick up. Please note that is is really important that you really can come on the suggested time slots. If you are selected and then cancel this may lead to a lowered rating which eventually will make it much tougher to get selected in the future.

The first time you send a request to pick up you will have to sign up if you have not already done so. You will also need to add a bank account to which you would like to receive payouts.

How do I get paid?

Your payment will be sent to the bank account that you have entered in the app. In other words, you should not ask for or accept payments by any other means. When you send your first request to pick up something you will be asked to register a bank account. You can edit this information later under your account accessible from the main menu.

Bank account is added either by clearing- and bank account number or by IBAN number. Currently we only accept local bank accounts in the country where the pick up take place. In order for payouts to be successful you will need to add name and address that corresponds with  your correct legal/residence information.

After you have completed your first pick up, you will also have to show that you are recycling. This is done from within the ad by taking a picture with the app that clearly shows that you are in a appropriate spot for recycling. This image is sent to Tiptapp together with geo-coordinates and a time stamp when you in the last step press “Send to Tiptapp”.

Read more about IBAN and how to find out your IBAN number here.

Read more about payments and payouts here here.

How do I cancel pick-up?

As an advertiser you may cancel an ongoing pick-up when the selected time slot has passed and the user that were supposed to pick-up has not arrived or not reached out to you and asked for an extension of time. That user is then informed about this and the ad will be published again so that other may offer their help..

As a user picking up, you may cancel a pick-up only if you been hindered by something unforeseen and can provide a legitimate reason for cancelling. You will be asked to submit a reason for cancelling. If you provide an unacceptable explanation it will affect your rating and make it a lot tougher to be selected for other pick-ups.

How do I show that I am actually recycling things properly?

You will have to show that you are recycling things that you have picked up by snapping a picture at the location for recycling. The image should clearly depict that you are at a location where the things being recycled can be disposed of properly.  You access this function from any of the ads after pick-up is complete and start by pressing “Begin Recycling” and you can do this for multiple ads at once. The image is saved and uploaded together with geo-coordinates and current time stamp. You should do this even if only part of something you have picked up is being recycled. Payouts to new users will not be activated until they have demonstrated that they are using this function properly.

How does ratings work in Tiptapp?

When a pick-up is complete you will be asked to rate the other user. As a user requesting to pick up things, the rating can be quite crucial when there is competition to get a pick-up. As an advertiser you may also get more offers if you have a good rating.

How do I declare payout received by doing pick-ups through Tiptapp?

Users are themselves responsible for following local rules and regulations with regards to taxation as a consequence of using Tiptapp to pay for or earn money. For further information, please consult you local tax authority or similar.

How do I delete my account at Tiptapp?

You cannot delete your account by yourself. We help you delete your account if you send us an email to support@tiptapp.com with “delete account” in the subject line.