Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about us.


We release new versions of the app as often as we can so that you should get access to new exciting features and an improved experience of Tiptapp. Make sure that you always have the latest version of our app so you do not miss anything new or important.

The questions and answers are divided into 3 sections:
Advertising, Pick-up och Other.



Does it cost anything to use Tiptapp?

Tiptapp is free to download and you can publish ads for free, no hidden costs.

If you publish a Here to There or Tap-away ad and offer a reward for it,  you only pay the reward that you set yourself in the ad. The payment for that reward is sent only after you have confirmed that you got all the help you advertised for.

How do I create an ad?

Click on the (+) sign in the bottom right corner and choose what type of ad you would like to publish, now follow the steps to create an ad! If you would like to create a giveaway, simply create a normal “Tap-away” ad and set 0 as payment.

If you have not yet signed up and registered a user or payment method you will be asked to do so in the last step before publishing your ad.

Will everyone be able to see my name, address, contact-information and door code when I publish an ad?

Not at all - don’t worry! Only your first name and the region of the ad will be seen by other users.  It is only the user that you select for the pick-up that will get access to your full information, see the exact location and will be able to contact you through the app.

I published a “Tap-away” ad, what happens now?

When you have published your ad you’ll get requests from other users willing and able to help, together with time suggestions of when they would like to come by.

You will now choose a helper by looking at the rating, completed pick-ups and at a time that suits you. In most cases you don’t even have to be at home or meet the helper if you place your things outside. The payment is reserved from your credit card once you choose a helper.

When a pick-up is completed you will get a notification in the app so you can confirm and send the payment to the other user directly in the app. If you are not at home you will be able to confirm the last step once you have had the chance to see that everything has been taken care of.

Once you confirm the pick-up, your reservation becomes a transaction and the payment is sent to the helper.  As a last step you will be able to rate the other user and he or she will also get to rate you as an advertiser.

Please note that the reservation of the payment will be released automatically if the pick-up is aborted. A new reservation is made once you pick a new helper.

Is there anything in particular I should be aware of when publishing an ad?

Please try to be as clear as possible with the photos and information that you provide. The better you describe what needs to be done, the smoother things will go.

You may take up to 4 pictures for your ad. We recommend you to take the pictures directly through the app to prevent the image from being peeled out and omitting information.

I already published an ad but would like to add more things to the pick-up. What can I do?

No worries! Usually you’ll find more things to Tiptapp-away when you publish an ad. Simply create a new ad and pick the same helper if you get a request, or choose another helper if the first helper is unable to help you with the new ad.

You are not allowed to add more things to the original ad if you already selected a helper or received a request for pick-up. The reason is that the helper applied for the original ad which could cause problems as they expect something different based on the ad’s original photos and description.

If you have not yet received any requests from other users you may add or change images in the ad,  change title and description, and set a new reward to reflect the newly added things.

How do I pay for a pick-up?

All payments are made through the app and the amount you decided as a payment is reserved from your credit card when you select a helper. You confirm the payment in your ad once the pick-up is completed, the payment is now sent to the helper.

Please note that we don’t support other payments like Swish or cash in the platform. Do only pay through the app.

The credit card information is encrypted and stored securely with our partner for payments, Stripe.

You can also use Apple Pay for your Tiptapp payments if you have an iPhone.

Where is my payment information such as credit card number being stored?

Tiptapp does not store any of your sensitive payment information. All payment information is stored securely and encrypted with Tiptapp’s payment partner, Stripe. Stripe is PCI certified, which means that they follow a standardized evaluation and reporting process for anyone who manages, collects, stores and transfers payment card information. Visa, Mastercard and American Express all support this standardized process.

How do I know that the things being picked-up become recycled?

All users who would like to pick up something from Tiptapp must show that they recycle everything they pick up by taking a picture at the location of recycling. The image is saved and uploaded together with geo-coordinates and a timestamp. Payouts will not be activated for new users until they have demonstrated that they are using this function properly. The users may also choose to reuse things they pick up.

Keep in mind that it is the person who pick up the things that claims the ownership and responsibility of the items.

Please read more about the function here.

Why do I have several reservations from my credit card?

A reservation of your chosen payment is made from your registered credit card when you select a helper. This is made as a security for everyone that payments are done once the ad has been picked-up. The reservation turns into a transaction only when you confirm the pick-up.

The reservation will be released if the pick-up by any reason would be aborted. The time the money is available on your account again might vary depending on your bank. Please contact your bank for more information regarding reservation release times.

Another reservation will be created when you select a new helper so a new connection is made towards that helper. Please note that no transaction is made unless you confirm the pick-up. It means that Stripe never withdraws any money - but only makes a reservation.

The helper didn’t show up, what do I do now?

Try to contact the helper by the menu in your ad as a first step if no one shows up. You may otherwise abort the pick-up and choose someone else. You can only abort a pick-up once the time for the pick-up has passed.

If your ad has been marked as “Completed” without being fully done, begin with contacting the helper to see if there were any misunderstandings. If you have any further questions after that, please send an email to support@tiptapp.se and we’ll try to help you as quickly as we can.

Keep in mind that no payments are made until you confirm the pick-up.

I don’t get any requests for my ad?

You usually get a lot of requests within minutes around Stockholm. If you don’t get any requests, consider to raise the payment. This is the most common reason for no or low amounts of requests.

We are still mostly established in Stockholm while the response and response time may vary in other areas.

How does the time for pick-up work?

Other users will send you time slot suggestions for pick-ups, the suggestions can be during the same day they apply and the day after.

You can always request new time slots if the suggested time slots don’t work for you. Keep in mind that you don’t even have to be home in most cases, just place the things outside. You can wait to confirm the pick-up until you had the time to check that everything is gone.

If you create a “Here to There” ad, you may add the time slots that you would prefer help on. Helpers can apply with other time slot suggestions if your slots runs out.


I would like to pick up something being advertised. What do I do?

Great! In order to be able to pick-up something, you need an account. You will then be able to upload a profile picture of yourself and register a bank account where the money will be transferred from the completed ads. You can either create an account by the menu in the upper left corner or during the first time you send a request for a pick-up.

Now select the time slots you will available on, please be careful and only pick the time slots where you really can fulfill the pick-up. There are usually a lot of people sending a request. If you are chosen, you’ll receive a notice of the time the advertiser wants help.

How does a pick-up work?

When you send a request, the advertiser selects the helper and time slot that suits them best. When you’ve been selected, it’s important that the pick-up is completed during the agreed time slot and that you mark the pick-up as done before you leave the location. This has to be done in order for you to verify the recycling and activate your payouts.

Keep in mind that you are personally responsible for making sure that what you’ve picked up is handled according to existing laws and that your activity in the app and your pick-ups are reviewed continuously. Only you are allowed to use the account you’ve registered in the app. Abuse can lead to legal actions.

I got picked! What do I do?

Nice! Make sure that you arrive within the time slot. The time, address and other information like floor and door code can be found in the ad.

Once everything has been picked-up, you press “Pick-up complete” in the app. A message will now be sent to the advertiser to confirm the pick-up when they have the opportunity to do so.

As a last step, you confirm that everything has been taken care of by pressing “Begin recycling” in the bottom of the ad. This is done once you turn up on a place where you are allowed to throw the things you collected, usually a recycling center. Now select all ads that you want to recycle and take a picture. The picture is saved along with a timestamp and the coordinates of the location. Now press “Send to Tiptapp”.

You may also remove the ad from the recycling list and describe why if you want to keep everything that you picked up as it’s now yours. You take ownership and responsibility of the things you pick up and may keep whatever you’d like. Keep in mind that you have to show recycling of any items that belong in the recycling center that aren’t kept.

How do I show recycling without a photo?

Whenever at a location for recycling approved by us, you can check in without taking a photo. The check-in is saved along with your geo-position, date and time stamp. This is reviewed continuously and you can be asked for more information about the recycling if we need it.

What does Alternative Recycling mean?

If you have picked up smaller volumes of cardboard, plastic, glass, metal and other items that e.g. can be left at a recycling station, you can choose Alternative Recycling. If you select that method, you must show where you recycle by taking a picture using the app. The picture is saved with a date- and timestamp and geo location.

Keep in mind that you are personally responsible for that what you’ve picked up is handled under applicable laws. We review your activity in the app and your pickups on a regular basis.

How and when do I get paid?

90% of the payment is sent to the bank account you registered about 5 banking days after the advertiser confirmed the pick-up. A distribution fee of 10% is paid to Tiptapp for each transaction.

If it’s the first time that you complete a pick-up, we’ll review that it was collected and recycled before your payments are activated. It should take around 5 bank days until the money reaches your registered bank account after we approved the pick-up. (Please keep in mind that banking days don’t include holidays which may slightly delay the transaction)

All payments are made in the app and unfortunately, we do not support other payment methods such as Swish or cash. When you complete a pick-up, you also get a rating and a history which leads to more pick-ups.

You can read more about payments here.

What does “Begin recycling” mean?

It means that you will show that you are taking care of the things correctly. You show that you recycle what you picked up by taking a picture in the app at the place you throw the things you don’t want to keep, normally at a recycling center or a recycling station. The image should clearly depict that you’re at the location where the things being recycled can be disposed properly. You access the function through any ad that you haven’t recycled yet, you may show that you recycle multiple pick-ups at once.  The image you take is saved with the geo-coordinates of the location as well as a timestamp as a receipt for the completed ad.

How do I declare payouts received by doing pick-ups in Tiptapp?

Users themselves are responsible for following local rules and regulations with regards to taxation as a consequence of using Tiptapp to pay for or earn money. For further information, please consult you local tax authority or similar.

I don’t get any pick-ups?

Other users are also requesting pick-ups in most cases. It’s important to only send requests on ads with time slots that you are able to fulfill. Completing pick-ups will lead to higher rating and profile stats which will result in a higher chance of being chosen next time.

There are more things than shown in the ad, what do I do?

You’re only supposed to pick-up the things shown and described in the ad. It is fully up to you if the advertiser would ask you to take more things. The best solution is to ask the advertiser to put up another ad with the extra things and choose you if you can help, otherwise choose someone else for the new ad. At worst, you may cancel the pick-up and describe the reason.

I am here but can’t reach the advertiser, what do I do?

If you find the things on the spot, simply pick them up and press “Done”. You don’t even have to contact the advertiser in most cases unless you need get inside their home. Any door code will normally be shown in the ad once you’ve been chosen to help.

If you need to get in contact with the advertiser, begin by trying by phone or text message. This can be done directly from the ad.


What does it mean to “Tap-away” things?

To “Tap-away” something means you pay someone to come and take away something you want to get rid of but do not have the time or capability to deal with yourself. Typically this can be things that need to be sorted and recycled at a recycling center.

You can also decide to tiptapp away things that still have a second hand value but you need to get rid of quickly.

What does “Here to There” mean?

It’s transport from one place to another.  You publish an ad with a payment of your choice to transport something that you don’t have the time or possibility to do yourself. It could be a new furniture you just bought or moving something heavy on your plot.

How do I create a Give-Away ad?

Create a normal “Tap-Away”-ad and set the payment to 0. It will automatically be published in the “Give-Away”-section.

How do I register and sign up for an account?

1. Download the app in Google Play or App Store. (Yes, our service is only available as an app)
2. Open the app and allow Tiptapp to send pushes and see your position in our onboarding.
3. Now press the menu in the top left corner of the app to find “Create account”.
4. Enter your first name, last name and mobile phone number.
5. Enter the 4-digit code you receive from us by text-message, that’s it!

Alternatively, you will be asked to sign up in the last step of creating and publishing an ad or if you send a request to do a pick-up.

How do I register my bank account for payments?

This can be found in your user profile. You can either register a bank account by adding the clearing and account number or by your IBAN number. Please note that your information have to be correct for the payments to work.

Read more about IBAN and how to get your IBAN here:

Read more about payments here:

Is it possible to get a receipt?

Yes, it’s possible to get a receipt for your booking. Please keep in mind that all users in Tiptapp are private persons.

Open the ad you’d like a receipt for and you’ll find “Send Receipt” in the bottom of that ad. The ad needs to be closed in order to find this option.

An advertiser can not get a receipt with tax as the pick-up is done by another private citizen.

A helper may get a receipt with tax on the 10% fee that Tiptapp is taking.

How do I get in contact with the advertiser or helper?

As an Advertiser: You can contact the helper through your ads menu “Contact helper”, after you’ve chosen a helper.

As a Helper: You can contact the advertiser through the ads menu “Contact advertiser”, after you’ve been chosen as a helper.

How does rating work in Tiptapp?

You will be asked to rate the other user when a pick-up is completed to show how satisfied you are. The rating can be quite crucial to users requesting pick-ups as there is competition to get pick-ups. As an advertiser, you may get more offers if you have a good rating.

How do I cancel a pick-up?

As an advertiser, you’ll be able to cancel the pick-up through the ad’s menu “Cancel pick-up” after the time slot has passed. The helper will then be informed and your ad will open up so you can get help from someone else.

As a helper, you may abort a pick-up at any time through the ads meny “Cancel pick-up” if you for some reason can’t fulfill the pick-up. You will then be asked why the ongoing pick-up had to be cancelled. Unfair reasons will affect your rating which will make it more difficult for you to be chosen in the future.

How do I delete my account?

Send us an email to support@tiptapp.com with “delete account” in the subject line and we’ll help you out.