Terms of Service

About Our Terms of Service

Below you find our terms of service (ToS). Put in broad terms they outline and define: 

  1. that you, as a user, commit to keep yourself updated with the latest ToS for all your use of Tiptapp’s service;

  2. that you must respect Tiptapp’s intellectual property rights and that you are not allowed to reproduce our service, somewhere else;

  3. that you must be entitled to post the content you upload to the Service by the owner or the rights holder, if this is someone else but you, when you create an ad. You are not allowed to post text or images depicting anything illegal;

  4. that you must be aware of that Tiptapp uses a third party service provider, Stripe (www.stripe.com), for providing payments between the users of the Service, and that you must accept Stripe’s Terms of Service as well, if you provide a service through Tiptapp for which you receive payments or use a service provided through Tiptapp for which you make payments;

  5. that you must be aware of that Tiptapp has limited responsibility for the availability and performance of the Service, as well as for the correctness at all times of the information provided thought the Service; and

  6. that you should be aware that Tiptapp handles personal information according to our current Privacy Policy. 

These ToS, together with other terms available on Tiptapp’s website (the “Website”) and in Tiptapp’s application(s) for smartphone(s) (the “App”) and other terms that Tiptapp may separately provide users with, describe the terms that apply for the use of Tiptapp’s services on the Website and in the App (the “Service”).

By using the Service through either the Website or the App you approve Tiptapp’s ToS and undertake to comply with them.

We recommend that you print a copy of the ToS for future reference.

Tiptapp may change these ToS from time to time and will make the new version of the ToS available on the Website and the App. Updated versions of the ToS will be effective and valid for new users from the time they are made available on the Website and in the App, and for existing users, 30 days after the updated ToS have been notified either via email or 30 days after the updated ToS have been made available on the Website and in the App.

General description of the service and registration

Tiptapp offers users access to the Service by registration. Users can use the Service by posting ads and by responding to ads as well as by performing advertised assignments. When you respond to an advertisement via the Service and are selected to perform an advertised assignment, you are considered a helping party ("Helper") in relation to the advertising party (the “Advertiser").

Only natural persons can register as a user of the Service via the App. For legal persons who wish to use the Service as a Helper, special conditions apply and registration can be made at Tiptapp’s website.  

To enter into an agreement regarding the Service and to register as a user of the Service, you must be at least 18 years old, or of the age when you, under applicable law, have legal capacity .

The Service is not provided to persons that have violated these ToS, earlier versions of Tiptapp’s ToS, other terms provided by Tiptapp or applicable laws and/or regulations.

Tiptapp reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, block the access to the Service for users that use or that have been using the Service in violation with these ToS, applicable law or in a manner that is otherwise unacceptable to Tiptapp.

Intellectual Properties

All content/properties on the Website or in the App, including the Website’s and the App’s layout and design is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and/or other intellectual property rights. If nothing else is stated all content on the Website and in the App is Tiptapp’s exclusive property.

You are allowed to print single pages from the Website and the App but you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, or distribute any content/properties or any information from the Website or the App without Tiptapp’s prior written approval.

You should always ask for approval before you link to the Website since a link to the Website might imply that you make the content you’re linking to publicly available. You are allowed to link to the start page of the Website if the linking completely directs the visitor to the Website in the same, or in a new, browser window, as long as these are complete individual browser windows. You are not allowed to index the content of the Website or the App and based on this automatically create links to the Website or the App from your own website. You are neither allowed to link to content of the Website or the App using any kind of framing system or pop-up windows. You should always consider that there might be other parties than Tiptapp owning rights to the content/properties on the Website or the App and that these parties also need to approve any external usage of the content/properties.

Any unauthorized use of Tiptapp's intellectual property rights may entail liability and / or criminal liability.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is all content that a user of the Service creates and/or uploads to the Website or the App, this could e.g. be photos, movies, and texts for ads (“User-Generated Content”). Tiptapp makes no claim on ownership to the User-Generated Content.

When you use the Service you guarantee that you hold the necessary rights to the User-Generated Content, either by creating it yourself (whether it for example is an image, photo or an ad text), or that everyone who has been involved in the creation of the content has given you permission to use the User-Generated Content on the Website or in the App in accordance with the ToS.

When you use the Service you also guarantee that the User-Generated Content is not protected by copyright, trademark rights/logotype or other intellectual property right, which you have not been granted a right to use. 

You guarantee that any persons that are identifiable within the User-Generated Content (e.g. in a photo or through the use of their name) are aware of how the content is used and also that they have formally consented to appear in the User-Generated Content and that Tiptapp have the rights to use the User-Generated Content for marketing purposes. By uploading User-Generated Content when you create an ad using the Tiptapp’s Service you give Tiptapp an unlimited right to use that User-Generated Content, including for example to edit, re-format, store or copy it and to make it publicly available in all media channels of choosing. The rights to the User-Generated Content might also be given to partners of Tiptapp. Tiptapp is further allowed to use the User-Generated Content for marketing purposes. The rights to the User-Generated Content are still valid after an ad has been deleted from the Service.

You hereby waive all claims for compensation from Tiptapp for Tiptapp’s use of the User-Generated Content.

Responsibility of the user - general

As a user, you are responsible for ensuring that your registered personal data (first name and last name) is correct and that it corresponds with the information registered with the relevant governmental register such as the population register or equivalent. It is only allowed to have one account per user.

It is only you, who have registered yourself as a user with Tiptapp, that may perform assignments or advertise based on the registered account. It is not allowed to let another person use your Tiptapp account. You undertake to ensure that other persons cannot access your Tiptapp account or use the Service in your name. If you have reason to suspect that someone unauthorized has access to your account in Tiptapp, you undertake to contact us immediately so that we can block your account pending investigation.

Should we suspect that your Tiptapp account is used by someone else than yourself, Tiptapp has the right to suspend you from your use of the Service for the time being and without prior notice. 

Tiptapp’s messaging service

In Tiptapp's messaging service, you can send and receive messages provided that you have an account on Tiptapp. Messages that you have sent to, or received from, other users are thus collected in your user account, for your currently active ads. Note that you need to have a user account on Tiptapp to be able to send messages and read messages sent to you by other users.

When you use the messaging service, your names, specified by you on Tiptapp, are displayed for the person you are sending messages to, or receiving messages from.

A good tone and a pleasant behaviour between users are obvious prerequisites for a good business environment and good business. Therefore, it is not permitted to:

  • Threaten, harass or otherwise act offensively towards anyone in Tiptapp's messaging service.

  • Use Tiptapp's messaging service to perform any illegal, misleading or harmful act.

  • Ask for or suggest a different amount for payment, other than what is stated in the current Tiptapp ad, or ask or suggest a different method of payment than the payment method built into Tiptapp.

  • Otherwise misuse Tiptapp's messaging service, for example by sending spam or other unwanted messages.

Tiptapp can filter, delete or stop messages with offensive or unauthorized content. Tiptapp may also stop messages or remove content that violates our ToS or that we have reason to assume violates applicable laws and regulations. Tiptapp reserves the right to suspend users who do not follow the rules of the messaging service or who use it in a way that is harmful to us or our users.

Provisions applicable to Helpers 


It is not allowed to use the Service to professionally perform assignments as a Helper. 

As a user, you must ensure that the assignments performed by you as a Helper in the Service are not of the magnitude or of a duration that constitutes a business activity, or that may be considered as professional.

Should we suspect that your Tiptapp account is used to professionally perform assignments as a Helper in the Service, for example if the number of pick-ups and transports booked from your account has a magnitude or duration exceeding the pick-ups and transports by the average Tiptapp user, Tiptapp has the right to block your access to your account and to the Service until further notice, and without prior warning.


As a Helper, it is not permitted to request payment for the performance of assignments in the Service, outside the platform or to request a higher compensation for the performance of such  assignments, than what is stated in the ad.

Picking up waste from households as a Helper

Helpers picking up waste from households, that is to be recycled, are responsible for and must ensure that the waste is sorted, transported and left at the recycling center or at such other location stated by the local or municipal waste disposal entity or equivalent entity unless it is reused. When disposing of waste intended to be recycled, the user who collects the waste must follow the instructions for the disposal of the waste provided at the relevant location for the recycling.  

To ensure that the Service is used in accordance with current environmental law regulations, users who collect  waste, intended to be recycled and that is advertised in the Service, undertake to provide the information that Tiptapp requests from time to time on how the collected waste has been transported, if is has been recycled at a recycling center or such other location stated by the relevant entity or if it has been reused.


In Tiptapp, you act as a private individual and can leave waste free of charge in the regions where you collect it. If your vehicle is registered abroad or a light truck registered with a company, you may have to pay for your visit to the recycling center. It is your responsibility as a user to comply with and be informed about local rules for company-registered vehicles and vehicles registered abroad. 


You undertake to keep yourself informed of any and all requirements to register yourself as a waste carrier under a license with the Environmental Agency and to obtain such license and comply with the requirements thereunder, should you under current law and rules be required to register and operate under such a waste carrier license. 

For further information please contact the Environmental Agency.

Provisions applicable for Advertisers - rules for advertising 

It is not allowed to advertise animals in the Service.

It is not permitted to advertise animal carcasses in the Service.

It is not allowed to advertise ammunition or empty shelves in the Service.

It is not permitted to advertise compressed gas containers in the Service.

It is not allowed to advertise food/household left-overs in the Service.

It is not allowed to advertise tobacco or alcohol in the Service.

It is not allowed to advertise unreliable/unrealistic offers. Tiptapp reserves the right to remove an ad or cancel an ongoing pick-up that falls within the scope of this category.

It is not allowed to advertise goods or services that are considered illegal by local law. Abuse may be reported to the police.

It is not allowed to advertise any goods or materials that are considered dangerous to one’s health, such as asbestos or eternit.

You, as an Advertiser, are not permitted to pay the Helper for the performance of assignments in the Service outside the platform, or to pay a higher remuneration for an assignment performed in the Service than that stated in the ad. Necessary purchases or expenses (both foreseeable and unforeseeable) and for fees (not stated in the advertisement) made by the Helper, as part of the execution of an assignment in the Service, can be paid by the Advertiser outside the Platform.

The Advertiser is not allowed to go along in the vehicle together with items being transported.

The Advertiser is not allowed to add more content to a pick-up after an ad has been published. It is recommended to put in an extra ad instead.

If the items to be collected contain anything that would normally be left at a recycling center, the Advertiser must clearly state this in the ad and publish in the correct ad category. You undertake to provide the information about the material or things that your ad contains and that Tiptapp from time to time requests. By publishing your ad, you guarantee that the information provided is accurate and complete. Should the information provided prove to be inaccurate or incomplete, and this results in a fee being charged upon delivery to the recycling center that the Helper could not have foreseen based on the information in the advertisement, the Advertiser shall be responsible for and pay the applicable fee.

Declaration of tax and taxes and information on value added tax

You are responsible for declaring the receipts that you receive when performing assignments advertised in the Service, to the Tax Agency or equivalent, and for the correctness of your declaration. Users are responsible for any tax consequences that may arise as a result of the use of the Service, e.g. for payment of any taxes and fees, including social charges that may be payable. 

As a user, you undertake to keep yourself informed of the at any given time applicable tax legislation and current applicable limits as well as of any and all obligations to report and provide information to the Tax Agency or equivalent.

You are responsible for complying with any requirements to state  VAT on your receipts, and to notify us if you qualify for  VAT, should the turnover from your assignments carried out via the App exceed the current limit under local law for value added tax (“VAT”) taxable turnover. 

For further information on tax related issues, please turn to your local Tax Agency, or equivalent.


Should the compensation to a Helper, during one year, exceed the then current limit in SEK for compensations paid, you are, as an Advertiser, responsible for the payment of any social security contributions (employer contributions) that may be paid on the compensation to the Helper and for the reporting of such contributions to the Tax Agency. At present, the limit for individuals who pay compensation for work is SEK 10,000.

Should the compensation you receive as a Helper from an Advertiser during one year be lower than the then current limit in SEK for compensation paid, you are responsible for the payment of any self-employment contributions that may be based on  the compensation and for the reporting of the contribution to the Tax Agency.

The relationship between users

Tiptapp is not in any way a party to the agreement between the Advertiser and the Helper, and therefore Tiptapp cannot be held responsible by a user for any breach of agreement or damage inflicted by a user under the agreement entered into by and between the users when using the Service.

When you use the Service, the provisions under applicable local law, such as local contract law etc,apply between yourself and other users, with whom you enter into an agreement, unless you have agreed on other terms or if otherwise stated in these ToS. 

EU online dispute resolution platform can be accessed here.

Payment between users

When using the Service, the Advertiser and the Helper can send and receive payments for pick-ups, purchases and deliveries or transports of advertised objects.  

The payment service through which the Advertiser and the Helper can send and receive payments between them is provided by the third-party supplier Stripe Inc (www.stripe.com). By accepting these ToS or by continuing to use the Service and performing assignments for which you are paid, you will also be bound by Stripe Inc's general terms and conditions, as amended from time to time by Stripe Inc. As a condition of enabling payment services on the Website and in the App through Stripe Inc's care, you must provide Stripe Inc with correct information about yourself through Tiptapp.

Payments to the Helper’s registered bank account are activated:

  • when performing assignments where the Advertiser wishes to get rid of the advertised object: when recycling or reuse has been reported, reviewed and approved in accordance with Tiptapp's current procedures; and

  • when performing other assignments in the Service: when the assignment has been marked as completed.

Tiptapp charges a transaction fee for transactions made through the platform, according to Tiptapp's current fee level. The transaction fee is deducted from the payment received by the Helper from the Advertiser, after which the Helper keeps the remaining amount unless Tiptapp specifies otherwise.

An administration fee is charged to the Advertiser to cover part of Tiptapp's operating costs. This fee is only charged for advertisements where the assignment has been confirmed as completed.

Insurance cover

When you perform assignments advertised in the Service and when you advertise in the Service, the insurance cover that you may have taken out yourself applies and to the extent stated in the terms and conditions of your insurance. In addition, you may, in connection with your use of the Service for advertising, be offered the opportunity to purchase an insurance solution via a third-party. For such third-party insurance, the then current terms and conditions specified by the insurer and referred to in the Service apply.

When you perform assignments advertised in the Service you are covered by the insurance coverage from time to time taken out by Tiptapp, for the benefit of the users of the Service. In that case, the then current insurance cover only applies in the event that you do not receive compensation from the insurance cover that you have taken out yourself and which you must primarily claim in the event of damage. The scope of such insurance covers what is specified from time to time by Tiptapp. The insurance cover applies in the event of damage that occurs in connection with the performance of the assignment, provided that the conditions specified in the insurance at any given time are met.

Information on what current insurance cover Tiptapp can offer, what conditions apply, what deductible you must pay according to the conditions, and how you can report a damage, can be provided if you contact us at any of the methods listed under the heading “Contact Information” below.

Campaign code usage

In order to utilise the discount related to a campaign code the code must be entered before, or at the latest when, an ad is published. A campaign code is only valid for the ad categories where an Advertiser pays to get help. 

If nothing else has been communicated the campaign code and its related discount is valid the first time an Advertiser confirms and pays for a pick-up or a delivery.

Tiptapp reserves the right to deny the Advertiser a discount and to receive payment according to the promotional code if Tiptapp has reason to suspect abuse. Suspicion of abuse means, for example, that there is reason to suspect that the Advertiser and the Helper have carried out a sham transaction, or a transaction that appears to have been arranged in advance. Such grounds exist, for example, if the price quoted in the advertisement amounts to the discount or a large part of the discount without the price reflecting the value of the advertised item or the task performed, if the Advertiser and the Helper appear to be the same person, Or if the Advertiser and the Helper appear to have made arrangements for collection or delivery before the advertisement was published, for example if the Helper has not previously responded to any advertisement and is selected despite other users responding earlier, having better reviews or similar.


As a user of the Service you undertake to indemnify and keep Tiptapp harmless from any claims from third parties due to your use of User-Generated Content or due to your violation of the ToS, any applicable laws or general regulations or the rights of a third party.

Tiptapp’s liability

The Service is provided by Tiptapp “as is” . Tiptapp reserves the right to amend and change the Service without prior notice to you as a user. 

Tiptapp does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or safe access to the Service or its availability in any way. The operation of the Website and/or the App might be disturbed by numerous external factors that Tiptapp is not able to control. 

The Service is primarily a marketplace. Tiptapp has no control over, or does not take any part in, the transactions between the users of the Service, i.e. between the Advertiser and the Helper. You should not assume that an offer is valid or legal just because it appears on the Website or in the App. 

Tiptapp does not assume any responsibility and cannot be held liable for damages due to missing or delayed responses to ads, or due to  incorrect or faulty information or conversations related to an ad. Tiptapp does not assume any responsibility and cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses or costs that directly or indirectly, have been caused by your usage of the Website or the App or by you not being able to use the Website or the App.   

The provisions in the ToS shall not limit Tiptapp’s liability in the event of Tiptapp’s intent or gross negligence or under mandatory law.

Tiptapp reserves the right  to stop the provision of the Service in whole or in part due to regulatory changes or due to a decision by a governmental or municipal authority.

Personal data

Tiptapp processes your personal data in accordance with our current Privacy Policy.

Right to withdraw

You are aware that by taking part of, or starting to use, the Service, you have no rights to withdraw transactions related to an already performed service. However, this does not limit any changes you may wish to make to the services advertised and that shall be performed between users of the Service.

Contact information

Tiptapp AB, c/o Space Community, Mäster Samuelsgatan 45, 111 57 Stockholm, SWEDEN or hello@tiptapp.com.

Questions to Tiptapp

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about the Service or your experience of the Service. We read, investigate and evaluate and answer all incoming questions. We will also keep you updated on the status and the development of your case, by email or in the chat. You can of course at any time provide us with further information, or contact us, if you have further questions related to your case.

Applicable law and dispute settlement

Swedish law shall apply to these ToS and disputes shall be settled in Swedish court.

Updated April 5, 2023