Find news and tips from Tiptapp about how to get IKEA delivered to your home in a smart and cheap way, how to best move a mattress, updates from the app and much more.

Tiptapp 2023 - A year in review

Each year we gather some highlights of what the Tiptapp community has achieved in terms of impact on the community and environment. See some of the highlights here!

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Find free stuff near me: How Tiptapp is enables freecycling

Discover the world of free stuff with Tiptapp! Join the growing freecycle movement. Last year, over 278,000 items found new homes through Tiptapp, from cozy sofas to stylish bookshelves. Looking for "free stuff near me"? Tiptapp is your go-to for unique finds and household essentials, all for free. Plus, you can get help with delivery right to your doorstep. Dive into a community that loves to share and reuse.

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How to move a mattress

Moving can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to large, bulky items like mattresses. Whether you have a king-sized bed or a smaller twin, getting it to your new home in good condition requires a bit of know-how. Don’t worry, though – with these tips and the help of Tiptapp, you’ll be sleeping soundly in your new place in no time.

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